adidas legacy nyc

At the end of last year, we pulled off something unprecedented in New York City.

We launched a give back basketball platform to eight schools across four boroughs in five days. adidas Legacy embodies the best of humanity.

It’s a program that gives back to the most underserved schools in the city. A program that celebrates community. And a program that opens doors for kids with fewer opportunities. Understanding that most kids in NYC have never ridden a school bus gave us the idea to trick one out with custom designs for each school.

our role

  • creative strategy
  • creative direction
  • 2d + 3d design
  • copywriting
  • lead production
  • tour management
  • logistics
  • project management

With eight high schools and only five days, it was no small feat to navigate the streets of New York allowing us to surprise two schools each day.

The adidas Legacy program stands for pure care and sincerity. It was a privilege to support a program that makes significant positive impact in the community.

“The FDA kids loved everything about the adidas Legacy event. The hype will last a long time. Thanks for bringing a special and unique experience to our school.”
– Patrick Mangan, Fredrick Douglass