field leader academy

Since 2015, we’ve worked with KinderCare to produce the organization’s bootcamp meetings for district managers.

The meeting format has evolved through the years, but in 2018, KinderCare sought to re-establish the meeting as a more impactful leadership conference. Stepping up to the challenge, we hosted the first Field Leader Academy for national district leaders in San Diego.

our role

  • creative direction
  • 2d + 3d design
  • lead production
  • logistics
  • project management

We welcomed 200 education leaders from across the country to a motivational three-day workshop that introduced KinderCare’s new branding and “Confidence for Life” positioning. The training workshops provided tools for district managers to introduce the platform to their centers, while evening parties provided a relaxed forum to celebrate successes and network.

Three-day workshop spreading “Confidence for Life”