henry v is an
experience-driven agency
that specializes in
immersive storytelling.

Brands and their audiences are more connected than ever. Yet more distant than they desire. Our mission is to bridge that gap; to authenticate the way humans and brands connect by transitioning brand communication into unforgettable experiences.

all but
the Weather

Some want the epic, others want the everyday. Either way, we’ve got the tools and talent to make it shine.

no story left behind

Everyone has a story, uncovering it can be the hard part. That’s why we ask tough questions and know when to dig in. The truth is always worth the trouble.

from start

We source from good. It’s a choice to stay open, be gracious and never stop growing. The willing see more ways.

sweat most stuff

Never let them see you sweat. That’s our rally cry. Even when you’re sweating every single detail.

four decades of figuring it out

Some call it trade secrets. Others call it experience. We simply think of it as being ready for when “Just In Case” crashes the party.

our services


Brand Strategy.
Communication Strategy.
Social Strategy.

content production

Content Capture.
Motion Graphics.
Pre & Post Production.

event Production

Onsite Production.
Staffing Management.

project management

Team Coordination.
Timeline Development & Tracking.
Budget Management.

creative development

Creative Direction.
Art Direction.
3D Design.
2D Design.


Interactive Design & Development.
A/V Design & Development.
Webcasts & Live Streaming.


Location Planning & Procurement.
Transportation Planning & Management.
F&B Planning & Management.
Attendee Management.

ship & store

Asset Storage & Maintenance.
Shipping & Fulfillment.